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1.临洱海的婚纱会馆缘起 The beginning of the project



Do you have any illusions for the wedding photos? Beach, the fallen sun, the flowering, with happy couple?
When the clients called us and sent the site images: the site faces clean Erhai Lake and beautiful Cangshan mountain, this landscape really attracts designers.


∇ 立面设计:日景的纯粹与夜景的暧昧 FINAL FACADE DESIGN DAY AND NIGHT ©王一翔Yixiang Wang





The project is located in an old residential area in east side of Erhai Lake, Dali, and the client hopes to create a commercial building that will be driven by wedding photography. Since the project is far from the old town, the client hopes to design a modern style building different from the vernacular architecture.


∇ 原有平面分析©平介设计Parallect Design






The original layout of the house is a three stories building with one underground floor embedded in the mountain, the first floor has a terrace, the second floor have lake views, and the third floor has a big terrace facing the lake. The architectural style of the entire residential area is rather messy. There are various styles of elements such as traditional eaves, modern large open windows, and traditional sloping roofs.


∇ 建筑原状 ORIGINAL SITUATION ©平介设计Parallect Design



Before the designers were invited, the client had already done a round of design and partial implementation by local company, which caused many issues: the functional layout is not is unreasonable for the wedding photograph. The interior adopts the retro palace style, which is contrary to the modern minimalist style that the owner wants. In addition, the construction quality is rough, and many construction problems are discovered during the initial survey (the waterproof layer of the roof is pierced by the expansion bolts, and the height of the interior door is inconsistent, etc. ). Client with oversea background wants to redesign and renovate the entire interior, and hope to re-optimize the facade and outdoor space. Since the existing construction has already invested a lot of money, the owner hopes to make a reasonable assessment of the existing situation and then use the existing resources while ensuring the design effect (retaining the expensive stone that has been laid on the stairs, retaining the installed double glazing, etc). The entire design needs to meet the requirements of wedding photography, the exhibition of wedding dresses, the shooting of wedding photos in various spaces, the accommodation and living rooms for four new couples, the staff office and other related functions.



So the design team began to think: the traditional wedding photography normally comes with a grand scene, the complicated scenery often makes us forget whether the protagonists are couple or a scene. Redefining a wedding photography studio based on the needs of the owners has become our initial goal, to be clean and simple, and to be a backdrop for couples.








Complexity and unity of program and function: Erhai Lake landscape, wedding shooting and homestay

With the contemporary young people’s improvement of consumption quality, wedding photography, which is one of the key points of marriage consumption, has begun to develop in China. However, the current buildings and interior spaces for this function are misleadingly adopting decorative scenes and accumulating a large number of straightforward “rich” symbols. They only mimic the space to create an illusion, ignoring the couple ‘s experience. I don’t know for what reason, such a wedding-related design with the most ceremonial needs is rarely really thought and designed.


∇ 展示区与选片区EXHIBITION AREA ©王一翔Yixiang Wang





There are three major issues to be addressed in this project: the scenic resources of erhai lake, the exhibition and shooting of wedding dresses, and the homestay for new couples with different experiences. When choosing this location, the owner has taken into account the distance from the shooting points in Dali. The photographer can drive to the shooting points around erhai lake in half an hour. At the same time, the existing building faces the west of the “sea” and have sunshine all day long, which can not only meet the requirements of indoor studio shooting, but also meet the requirements of different periods of erhai seascape shooting.


∇ 接待室与展示区 RECEPTION & EXHIBITION AREA ©王一翔Yixiang Wang




Based on a 500-square-meter old villa to achieve these three goals, we take advantages of Erhai scenery, to create different possibilities for realizing wedding scenes in existing building, and to give couple special travel experience. The spatial experience is different from the Dali’s traditional homestay (local style, mainly natural materials such as earth, wood, stone, etc.). This design is not limited to the single commercial purpose of wedding photography, but to meet the indispensable parallel needs of ‘easy, romantic and casual’, so that couples can enjoy themselves in the travel.


3.平面梳理与调整 plan and adjustments


Firstly, the circulation was adjusted. In the previous scheme, the first floor was relatively rigid and the flexibility was poor. It was necessary to go through the bathroom before entering the fitting room, and the related circulation was strange. The basement circulation is also weird and needs to cross the office to reach the shooting studio. The second and third floors are living spaces, but the balcony is publicized and lacks a high quality private experience and privacy for couples.


∇ 负一层平面 B1 PLAN ©平介设计Parallect Design


∇ 一层平面 L1 PLAN ©平介设计Parallect Design



After adjustment, the terrace on the top of garage becomes an outdoor space for outdoor shooting, small gatherings, and small events. The hall is the main display space, and at the same time it is linked with the reception area. The office area is relatively independent to the restaurant and kitchen. The basement is unified as the shooting area, and the dressing room is arranged in parallel with the shooting area. On the one hand, it can meet the test shots of multiple sets of wedding dresses. On the one hand, the shooting area is connected with the garage storage room to meet the switching of multi-scenes and shooting tools. The second and third floor bedrooms have already been constructed due to the initial plan and one more room with sea view has been added. A shallow pool is designed on the edge of the three-story terrace, and a tempered glass shooting platform is designed in the original raised part to create a “water and sky connection” effect. The design of the terrace is flexible, so that the owner can flexibly change layout according to different functions (afternoon tea, shooting, etc.).


∇ 二层平面 L2 PLAN ©平介设计Parallect Design



∇ 三层平面 L3 PLAN ©平介设计ParallectDesign



4.室内空间的光与色彩 interior light and color


Dali is a place with enough sunlight. How to use skylight to interact with various spaces (exhibition, residence, leisure, etc.) has become our first choice. We don’t want to use mirrored material that is too sharp and cold, and we hope that material can reflect outdoor space in a vague way, creating an embarrassing effect. Polycarbonate has become our first choice, translucent, smooth and easy to operate. The translucent Polycarbonate are placed in the ceilings and walls of different spaces, and colorful LED lights are placed behind it which interacts with the white walls. From the entrance walkway to the entire space, the light-emitting surface of Polycarbonate appears directly in the form of a finished surface. In the bedroom, the Polycarbonate ceiling is also transformed into a property of space decoration to some extent. The refraction and reflection superposition in different dimensions magnify the scale of each direction of the space perception, thus changing the user’s spatial feeling.


∇ 展示区与选片区EXHIBITION AREA ©王一翔Yixiang Wang



∇ 拍摄区SHOOTING AREA©王一翔Yixiang Wang (右图是GIF)




The design of the public space awakens the user’s illusion by creating a pure surreal scene as much as possible. The public space is made up of white walls, light gray reflecting PVC ground, and the nearly sleek polycarbonate to create a pure, ultimate atmosphere. As the furniture and wedding dress in the main space, they seem to be artworks in the gallery to create an ethereal effect; the light in the wall projects the ripples on the wall through the polycarbonate, these faint light and shadows give the main space a kind of mysterious feeling. This feeling induces couples to experience subtle changes in their behavior. As the only double height space in the whole building, the stairwell, we redesigned it with long strips of light, forming a new lighting device, casting a shadow effect.


∇ 餐吧 DINING AREA©王一翔Yixiang Wang




The whole design hopes to create a variety of spaces suitable for couples to live in the easiest way. Because there are 4 rooms with similar scales, how to meet the needs of different users has become a problem we need to consider. Romance is the experience that most couples pursue. The design of the room creates a pure use environment, and the fun of the couples through the change of the lights makes the people feel happy and at the same time increase the intimacy between the partners. The trigger of emotional stimulation. In the bedroom space, the main wall surface is left as the projection surface, and the rest of the wall is embellished with polycarbonate panels that emits light, which promotes the mystery of the couple when they are isolated, thus promoting the extreme warming of the relationship.


∇ 试衣间 FITTING ROOM©王一翔Yixiang Wang


∇ 楼梯间 STAIRCASE ©王一翔Yixiang Wang





As the main goal of the project, the romantic atmosphere has its own customary atmosphere. The sense of light and the changing light and shadow are the attributes required for a romantic environment. The core of the room returns to a more conventional bed and related living functions, and the external vague landscape is sensational feeling for couple. A self-contained projector creates an undisturbed movie dating experience. The romantic lake, the vague lights, the mysterious color, create a special environment of two people. Under the light, furniture seem to whisper the love of couples.


∇ 朝洱海卧室 BEDROOM ©王一翔Yixiang Wang




∇ 朝山卧室 BEDRROM ©王一翔Yixiang Wang




∇ 卧室灯光切换 BEDRROM ©王一翔Yixiang Wang


5.室外空间 Outdoor space


Since it is necessary to connect the main entrance to road through a staircase. The initial design was a holistic light box that reached the entire exhibition area through a tunnel with linear lighting. However, due to the local building regulations of Dali’s illegal construction management committee in recent years, the roofed stairs are illegally built. Thus we changed to a simple color filmed polycarbonate handrail stairs. In the sunny day, the stairs forms different colors from all directions, which is extremely dazzling in a white wall.


入口的庭院也进行了特别的调整,一块块树立的玻璃结合色膜,在大理充足光线的映射下,每一个时刻,在不同的角度都散发出完全不同的夺目光彩,当你行走在街道上,一片绚丽的色彩一定能够吸引你的目光,LEVITA STUDIO 的logo在玻璃之上也会跃然于你的眼帘。

The terrace has also been specially adjusted. The glasses are combined with the color film. Under the Dali’s sunlight, every moment, at different angles, it emits completely different lights when you walk on the street. A beautiful color will definitely attract people’s attention, and the logo of LEVITA STUDIO will also be revealed.


∇ 庭院 ENTRANCE GARDEN©王一翔Yixiang Wang





The roof terrace is perfect for shooting and enjoying afternoon tea. Under the reflection of the glass, the sky and the lake are all in one. People seem to hang in the air and enjoy the clear water. The glassed platform is mirrored, and around it is water surface of pool along the terrace to reflect the skylight. The reflection of the deep black pool bottom and the water surface has subtle differences with the reflection of the mirrored surface, water surface, sea and sky. Four different effects can form a special image in one photo.


∇ 屋顶露台 ROORF GARDEN©王一翔Yixiang Wang



Complete project information:
Project Name: LEVITA Wedding Photography Mansion
Project Type: Renovation, Interior
Project Location: No.28, Xiangshulishe, Dali Residence, Dali,Yunnan Province, China
Design team: Parallect Design、Yunnan Fulong Design Office Co., Ltd.
Architects: Nan.Yang, Shijie.Zhang, Xueqi.Chen
Main materials: Polycarbonate sheet, LED light, Glass, Colorful film
Engineering: Yunnan Fulong Design Office Co., Ltd.
Project cost: 50,000
Type: built
Construction: 2019
Area: 500 sqm
Photo: Yixiang Wang


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