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【十硯設計 陈逸群、钟馥如】镕铸奔腾山水意象 打造清幽美质宅邸


设计概念 Design Concept



Due to the distinctive penthouse pattern, moreover, to meet the property owner’s religious beliefs, we exploit nature elements to bring about the artistic conception of “landscape views” with the philosophical mood of Oriental Zen style.

以视觉协调为前提,十砚设计 陈逸群 设计总监、钟馥如 总监 将度假风与深色配置交融,加以主要考虑的隐私,微妙分割公私领域,方便屋主依据需求能有不同的调度,制成隔间众多却又隐而不见的视觉与动线划分。

LNF Design Firm Creative Director Lawrence Chen and Director Fran Jong make use of the shade tone to achieve the privacy demand, as well vaguely divide the public and private areas, and then blend with the leisure configuration to bring about the harmonious visual sensation. Thereupon, create a well-functioned space and smooth flow.


设计手法 Design Techniques


小桥流水 曲径通幽

Unfinished materials bring about the natural feature


Take the advantages of the deep-colored timber to set the ceiling, and flooring with stone bricks to create full of power and grandeur texture. Adhered TV wall with the stone veneer to bring out the image of the mountain feature; and the elevated area in the living room echoes the view of the outdoor pool, which presents the appreciable ingenuity.


We meticulously make use of materials and the color scheme of indoors and outdoors to set up the corresponding spots. By way of utilizing the materials skillfully, hence create the captivating circumstance.


虚实相交 别有洞天

Looming intersection creates the visual intrigue


In view of the property owner attaches great importance to the privacy of life and the hospitality character, so planning an excellent layout is the major challenge of the design. We set up several secret doors to connect each area and at the same time create private space for the family members, moreover, bring out the homogeneity without conflict vision when people visit.


大山大水 效法自然

Landscape scene forms the recreation mood


Construct the water view on the terrace, which is made of rustic cement appearance and plain stone texture; hence create an extraordinary serene atmosphere. The design of the layering geometric figure, and shaped by the height difference to manifest a leisurely mood of the landscape.


风格多变 饰件点睛

Multiple style furnishings demonstrate the stunning factors


Due to the property owner is not fond of excessive decoration, even so, the design team does not want to be restricted by the sole style, therefore, we meticulously select modern and post-modern home furnishings, on the premise of simplicity and Zen texture, tempt to put some striking features into the low-key and stable space. For example, the illumination of the dining area is fashioned by the post-modern Nordic designer, which brings about a touch of charm of the plain space.






客厅 The living room




The layout of the living room is corresponding to the pattern of the terrace.

We laminated the wall with stone veneer, and set up the ceiling of wooden grain, moreover, lifted an area to echo the external pool scene; by way of the interaction of different materials outlines the glamorous natural characters.

The elevated area is the place to unwind; and the recessed illumination of the cabinet bottom on the right side that strengthened the depth of the area; further, the form of the wall-hung cupboard brings out the concise perception.






餐区 The dining room




The designer elaborately seeks fine fittings to set up the stylish spatial configuration, in the meantime to meet the homeowner’s requirement of simplification. For instance, the well-chosen lighting can freely adjust the angles, which is an ingenious art craft of the Nordic designer.

We carry on the living room’s spectacular atmosphere into the dining area, and moreover bring out the spacious vision. There’s a hidden pass way just for the servants. The massive glass mirror is designed as the secret door that leads to the private space. Consequently, in addition possess the privacy yet reflect the fashionable feature.




楼层交界 The transition area of the floors



In view of the long and narrow pattern of the transition area, we try to arrange some glamorous factors here.

First, take the concept of the studio spotlight to set a conspicuous tailor-made light; and another striking feature is the crisscross pattern ceiling, exploit the vertical and horizontal construct method, besides maximizes the capacious vision, also brings about the chic ambience.




主卧房侧书房 The reading area at a side of the master bedroom



The reading area with elegant and refine elements of the Japanese style is the focal point of the loft.

While sitting here and face to the pool setting outdoors, the white layering view creates the natural vivid perception; as well bring about the exclusive character of the space.






顶楼阳台 The loft terrace



We exploit wood and stone elements to set up the pattern of the loft terrace, which presents the scene of landscaping. The geometric stacking layout draws the vista image into the homey scene. Frankly, the property owner gives the authority to the design team; therefore, we go all in to build a charm circumstance that is beyond imagination.


∇ 平面图





案名:Elegant Mansion



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