Koichi Takada Architects在多哈让·努维尔设计的卡塔尔国家博物馆内完成了两家礼品店,以起伏的木质表面为特色。

Australian studio Koichi Takada Architects has completed two gift shops inside Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar in Doha, featuring undulating wooden surfaces.

这两家洞穴风格的礼品店,是Koichi Takada建筑师在新博物馆内打造的众多室内空间中的第一家,另外三家餐厅将于今年晚些时候开业。

The two cave-like gift shops are the first of a number of interior spaces that Koichi Takada Architects is creating inside the new museum, along with three restaurants set to open later this year.


商业空间,礼品店设计,卡塔尔国家博物馆,Koichi Takada


礼品店内部的特点是高耸的木墙,从堆叠的木质轮廓中形成一系列洞穴外壳。整个空间共使用了40000块木材,采用3D建模设计。每件作品在结构中的位置都是独一无二的,并且仅与其互补部分齐平。 他们是由意大利木匠Claudio Devoto在多哈手工组装的。

The gift shop interiors are characterised by soaring wooden walls that create a series of cavernous enclosures from stacked wooden profiles.A total of 40,000 pieces of wood, designed using 3D modelling, were used to construct the space.Each piece is unique to its position in the structure, and fits flush only with its complementary segment. They were assembled by hand in Doha by the Italian carpenter Claudio Devoto.

“卡塔尔国家博物馆的内部设计是一个机会,为游客创造一个独特的体验,让他们沉浸在卡塔尔的文化遗产。每个室内空间都提供了卡塔尔历史的片段,旨在增强和满足博物馆游客的文化和难忘的体验。”首席建筑师Koichi Takada解释说。

“Designing the interiors of the National Museum of Qatar was an opportunity to create a unique experience for visitors to immerse in Qatar’s cultural heritage,” explained principal architect Koichi Takada.”Each interior space offers a fragment of the Qatari history, that aims to enhance and fulfil both a cultural and memorable experience for museum visitors.”


商业空间,礼品店设计,卡塔尔国家博物馆,Koichi Takada



More than a decade in the making, Atelier Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar is recognised for its dramatic facade comprising a series of colliding discs, modelled on a mineral formation called the “desert rose”.


商业空间,礼品店设计,卡塔尔国家博物馆,Koichi Takada


为了呼应,Koichi Takada Architects的设计基于Dahl Al Misfir的商店——这是卡塔尔中部着名的40米深的洞穴——以其发光的石膏水晶墙而闻名。构成商店内部的木材层像石笋一样延伸到洞穴中,形成柱子和陈列架。同时,光线从穿透天花板的天窗中渗出,也能瞥见外面的墙壁。

To complement this aesthetic, Koichi Takada Architects based its design for the shops on the Dahl Al Misfir – a famous 40-metre-deep cavern in central Qatar – known for its glowing walls of gypsum crystals.The layers of wood that make up the shops’ interiors extend down like stalagmites in a cave to form columns and display shelves.Meanwhile, light trickles from skylights that puncture the ceilings, also giving glimpses of the walls outside.


商业空间,礼品店设计,卡塔尔国家博物馆,Koichi Takada

商业空间,礼品店设计,卡塔尔国家博物馆,Koichi Takada

商业空间,礼品店设计,卡塔尔国家博物馆,Koichi Takada

设计公司:Koichi Takada Architects


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