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公共空间, 多功能空间, 校园设计

ZMIK l 巴塞尔St. Johann小学走廊空间设计

当代学校设计已经从传统的单一使用教室的设计蓝图中脱离出来,取而代之的是更加灵活的布局和多功能的空间。这对于新的教育项目来说很好,但是对于现有的学校结构呢?瑞士设计工作室ZMIK的最新作品“ Learning Scapes”展示了设计创造现代学习环境的力量,即使在古老的历史建筑中,如瑞士巴塞尔的St. Johann小学(建于19世纪80年代,新文艺复兴风格)。ZMIK的设计巧妙地融入了学校的历史建筑肌理,将三条走廊改造成开放的、混合式学习和娱乐区域,以满足多种类型的教学需求,从小组练习到个人作业,从基于活动的学习到阅读和讨论。

Contemporary school design has moved away from the traditional blueprint of identical, single-use classrooms embracing instead more fluid layouts and multi-functional spaces. This is all well and good for new educational projects but what about the existing school fabric? Enter Swiss design studio ZMIK whose latest endeavour, “Learning Scapes”, showcases the power of design to create modern learning environments even in age-old historic buildings like St. Johann primary school in Basel, Switzerland, which was built in the 1880s in the Neo-Renaissance style. Playfully integrated into the school’s historic building fabric, ZMIK’s intervention has transformed three corridors into open-plan, hybrid learning and recreation areas that cater to multiple types of pedagogy, from group exercises to individual work, and from activity-based learning to reading and discussions.


ZMIK,瑞士巴塞尔,Learning Spaces,公共空间,校园设计

ZMIK,瑞士巴塞尔,Learning Spaces,公共空间,校园设计



Based on both the teachers and students’ ideas and requirements, each corridor is divided into five zones: a central recreation area flanked on either side by a cloakroom and a “landscaped” learning zone which are separated by zigzagging timber partitions. Conceived as portals, the cloakrooms buffer the learning and recreation areas from the staircases, allowing the students not only to leave their coats, bags and shoes behind but also their troubles. Made out of slatted oak surfaces, the zigzagging partitions echo the material and herringbone pattern of the parquet floors.


ZMIK,瑞士巴塞尔,Learning Spaces,公共空间,校园设计

ZMIK,瑞士巴塞尔,Learning Spaces,公共空间,校园设计


梯田式学习景观的地形沿着走廊的长度变化,以创建不同层次的各种空间。滑梯、平衡梁和蹦跳球为学习过程注入了乐趣和游戏,有“栖息”和“洞穴”等名称的空间充当了休息处,而各种内置学习桌台允许个人和小组学习。这并不是说所有的东西都是严格为特定用途设计的,相反,设计师选择了混合用途。 例如,“蜥蜴尾巴”可用作平衡木,书桌或靠背。

The topography of the terraced learning landscapes shifts along the length of the corridors in order to create a variety of spaces on different levels. Slides, balancing beams and bouncy balls inject fun and games into the learning process, alcoves and niches with names such as the “perch” and the “cave” act as retreats, while various built-in work surfaces allow for individual and group study. This is not to say that everything is strictly designed for a particular use, on the contrary, the designers have opted for hybrid uses; the “lizard tail” for example can be used as a balancing beam, desk or back rest.


ZMIK,瑞士巴塞尔,Learning Spaces,公共空间,校园设计

ZMIK,瑞士巴塞尔,Learning Spaces,公共空间,校园设计



Unfolding alongside the building’s windows, the learning zones are blessed with plenty of natural light, supplemented by a dynamic lighting system integrated in the acoustic umbrellas that playfully hover above. Featuring a mix of textures such as linoleum, carpet and textiles in green, ranging from shades of pistachio through to lime, which perfectly complement the oxide-red wainscoting, the “learning scapes” certainly stand out chromatically against the stately elegance of the historic building, whilst spatially and conceptually updating the curriculum of contemporary school design.


ZMIK,瑞士巴塞尔,Learning Spaces,公共空间,校园设计

ZMIK,瑞士巴塞尔,Learning Spaces,公共空间,校园设计

ZMIK,瑞士巴塞尔,Learning Spaces,公共空间,校园设计



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