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Atelier Ace | 纽约Sister City日式风格酒店

Sister City由创意机构Atelier Ace精心设计,是一家位于纽约新博物馆旁边的新酒店。空间没有什么是奢侈的,但每一个细节都经过深思熟虑的考虑和执行,从干净朴实的墙壁和定制的樱桃木家具到酒店不断变化的文化和与科技的融合。酒店位于Bowery 225号的一幢10层砖砌建筑中,并增加了四层楼,拥有200间客房,一个屋顶酒吧和一个餐厅。扩建部分由白砖和玻璃块组成,以补充现有的结构。

Meticulously designed by creative agency Atelier Ace, Sister City is a new hotel at the intersection of simplicity and beauty next to the New Museum in New York. Nothing is extravagant but every detail is thoughtfully considered and executed, from the clean, unadorned walls and custom cherry-wood furnishings to the hotel’s ever-changing amalgam of culture and technology. Four floors were added to a 10-story, brickwork building at 225 Bowery to create the 200-room hotel, complete with a rooftop bar and a ground floor restaurant. The extension comprises white brick and glass blocks to complement the existing structure.


酒店空间,国外酒店设计,纽约,Sister City,Atelier Ace

酒店空间,国外酒店设计,纽约,Sister City,Atelier Ace

酒店空间,国外酒店设计,纽约,Sister City,Atelier Ace



Mindful design, artful technology, and seamless functionality impart a sense of balance and belonging, and provide guests with both autonomy and considered care. Every element of Sister City was holistically designed toward an expressly innovative experience built for the future but rooted in the present moment. From the intuitive website where guests can animate and personalize their stay (requesting extra pillows or a dog bowl, for example) and where account members can secure the lowest rates, to the self-service registration kiosks that enable guests to check-in and collect their own room keys.


酒店空间,国外酒店设计,纽约,Sister City,Atelier Ace

酒店空间,国外酒店设计,纽约,Sister City,Atelier Ace

酒店空间,国外酒店设计,纽约,Sister City,Atelier Ace


Sister City与电子音乐家Julianna Barwick合作,通过微软的AI技术推出了首创的大堂乐谱。通过酒店屋顶上的天空摄像机,建筑的结构是一种不断变化的音频体验,随着云彩、鸽子、日落、雨雪的流逝而循环和移动。作为酒店前瞻性设计的一部分,乐谱是Sister City的延伸,为客人提供了一种全新的音乐体验地点。Sister City将继续与微软的建立合作伙伴关系,与标志性音乐家的持续合作,开发来的大堂乐谱。

Sister City launches a first-of-its-kind Lobby Score, a generative soundscape in collaboration with electronic musician Julianna Barwick and realized through Microsoft’s AI technology. Informed by the environment via a sky camera on the hotel’s roof, the composition is an ever-evolving audio experience, looping and shifting as clouds, pigeons, sunsets, rain and snow pass by. Conceived as part of the hotel’s forward-thinking design, the score is a living extension of Sister City, a way for guests to experience site-specific music anew. Sister City will continue its partnership with Microsoft to develop ongoing collaborations with iconic musicians for future Lobby Scores.


The lobby also offers to the guests a 24-hour market featuring curated sundries, including snacks, a rotating library of books (currently curated by the New Museum) and anything else you might need during your stay.A few floors below, the aesthetic of Floret is reminiscent of a traditional American diner-style and reflects its casual atmosphere. The restaurant is set to open to in Summer 2019, with outdoor dining provided by a long patio at the front of the hotel.


酒店空间,国外酒店设计,纽约,Sister City,Atelier Ace

酒店空间,国外酒店设计,纽约,Sister City,Atelier Ace

酒店空间,国外酒店设计,纽约,Sister City,Atelier Ace
项目名称:Sister City
设计公司:Atelier Ace
摄影:Adrian Gaut

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