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咖啡厅, 酒吧, 餐饮空间

首尔Et Cetera原始水泥工业风咖啡馆酒吧设计

韩国设计师Jeonghwa Seo为这家咖啡馆和酒吧设计了家具,以彰显原材料的品质。这些家具是为Et Cetera定制设计的,这是一个以原始混凝土内饰为特色的空间,为了补充这一点,Seo选择使用铸铝,橡木和黄铜制作未完成质量的作品。

Seoul-based designer Jeonghwa Seo has furnished a cafe and wine bar with furniture that celebrates the qualities of raw materials.The furniture was custom made for Et Cetera in Seoul, a space that features a raw concrete interior. To complement this, Seo chose to make pieces with an unfinished quality, using cast aluminium, oak and brass.


“The most important aspect of this project was to show the pure quality of the materials,” said Seo. “I wanted to create a space where people can experience them.”


餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo

餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo



The larger pieces stand on bases made of cast aluminium, welded into elongated elliptical shapes. The welding join-lines were not ground down, in order to show off the making process.

“我以前的作品一直使用铝,因为铸铝很轻,性价比高,可以100%回收。”Seo说, “它也可以在没有形状变化的情况下进行焊接。”椅子和桌子上的座椅和饰面选择了橡木,而照明主要使用黄铜。

“I have been using aluminium throughout my previous works because cast aluminium is light, cost-effective, and can be 100 per cent recycled,” said Seo. “It can also be welded without its shape changing in the heat.”Oak was selected for the seats and finishes on the chairs and tables, while brass is mainly used for the lighting.

除了混凝土,咖啡厅内部也充分利用了玻璃。 整个立面,包括门,都是由该材料制成的,这意味着从街道上完全可以看到空间。为了表达空间连续性的主题,设计师选择将一条长凳穿过咖啡馆前面的玻璃墙,以提供内部和外部的座位。

As well as concrete, the cafe interior also makes good use of glass. The entire facade, including the door, is made from the material, meaning the space is completely visible from the street.To emphasise this, the designer chose to place one bench through the glass wall at the front of the cafe, to provide seating both inside and outside.


餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo


Et Cetera的地板从街道上升起,由一块雕刻的混凝土制成。混凝土的边缘暴露在室外露台上以显示单一质量。灯光则用来突出这些表面的原始感觉。

The floor of Et Cetera is raised from street-level and made from a single slab of carved concrete. The edges of the concrete are left exposed on an outdoor terrace to reveal the single mass.Lighting is used to highlight the raw feel of these surfaces.


“Wall lamps and floor lamps are designed for maximising the textures of space,” said Seo. “In order to do that, I made sure that light flows on the surface of materials.”

吧台和凳子是Seo现有作品的延伸,采用椭圆形。根据位置的使用方式,可以轻松地重新配置它们。“Et Cetera是一个工艺品,咖啡和葡萄酒一起出售的空间,”Seo解释道,“客户要求整个空间可以灵活转换,除了八人桌。”

Bar counters and stools are extensions of Seo’s existing work, and take an elliptical form. These can be easily reconfigured depending on how the place is being used.”Et Cetera is a space where crafts, coffee, and wine are sold together,” explained Seo. “The clients asked that the entire space can be transformed flexibly, except for the table for eight people.”


餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo

餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo

餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo

餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo

餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo


高耸的酒架由内置于墙上的旧酒箱构成。“我想以一种相当原始的方式,用木头、砖块和泥土来建造一个酒盒塔。”Seo说, “这是我自己做的。酒的味道和时间有着密切的联系,所以我想做一个看起来像是很久以前建造的酒塔。”
A towering wine rack is constructed from old wine crates built into the wall.”I wanted to build the tower of wine boxes with wood, brick and muds in a rather primitive way,” said Seo. “I constructed it myself. The taste of wine is closely related with time, so I wanted to make a wine tower that seemed to have been built a long time ago.”


餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo



Along the glass facade Seo created a “forest of cubes” out of concrete blocks that acts as plinths for planter pots.


餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo

餐饮空间,家具设计,工业风,咖啡馆酒吧,Jeonghwa Seo

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